The words small robots with a collection of robots surrounding them.

Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you.

The three laws of smol robotics:

1: Be Kind

2: Be Helpful

3: Do Your Best

For more check out the archive and the twitter of our great creator!

Or if you’re desperate for some smolbots in the real world there’s a Patreon, a RedBubble shop and even a book project currently still in the pre-order stage.

About this website:

This website has been built by Rohan (@aguitarpenter) as he decided he needed an easy to click through archive to get to know all the bots properly. Apologies if it’s not as super slick as might be nice – I’m by no means a professional WordPress user. I’ve done my best to make it accessible, but without any training or knowledge I’m likely to mess up, so please let me know via the contact page or on Twitter if I need to fix anything!

If you want to do something to say thank you (beyond sharing the joy of Smol Robots, of course) then I have a wood crafting business and two musical projects with EPs that you can buy. Probably buy some Smol Robots merch first, though – without them this site would be a little empty!

Special thanks to @PantonshireDev for creating the super helpful @smolbotbot which I have used, and whose data and additional coding helped automate some of the faff copying the robots over!