Smol Robots

911 comics.
Jul 24th, 2019
A robot in the form of a swan, with large, hinged wings and a sinuous, banded neck. It's launching itself through the water, kicking out its feet and angrily snapping its beak.
Jul 25th, 2019
An ovoid robot with banded arms and legs holding up a tape measure and looking at it doubtfully. In the background, several people's legs are visible forming a queue.
Jul 26th, 2019
A hand holding out a copy of Marx's 'Das Kapital' with a little round robot attached to the front cover. The robot has a single foot, stuck to the book, connected to its body by a coiled spring. It looks very grumpy.
Jul 27th, 2019
A robot in the form of a vending machine with a glass front showing all its various snacks and drinks. It has four legs on the bottom and arms on either side. Its smiling face is at the top.
Jul 28th, 2019
A humanoid robot with banded arms and legs, designed to look like Bender from Futurama. It's bending a girder with its hands while angrily chomping on a cigar.
Jul 29th, 2019
A slim, cuboid robot with banded arms standing at a table and looking doubtfully at a row of remote controls and devices, including a phone, a tablet and an iPod. The robot is stroking the place its chin would be and counting with its other hand.
Jul 30th, 2019
A three panel comic strip depicting two round robots meeting. In panel 1 one is waving to the other, but while the other waves back, its hand escapes the frame and brushes against the fingers of the first 'bot in panel 2. That 'bot is looking surprised and the second 'bot in panel 2 is having its hand shaken by the first 'bot in panel 3. The second 'bot in panel 3 looks angry at suddenly being ignored.
Jul 31st, 2019
An ovoid robot with banded arms and legs holding a large, comedy wooden mallet on one shoulder as it salutes with its other hand. It's smiling malevolently.
Aug 1st, 2019
A large robot shaped like a tapered cuboid, with two banded arms and an antenna on its top. Its eyes are closed reverently and its hands clasped before it. A glowing sphere tops its antenna. It's set in a wide meadow dotted with wildflowers and flanked by deciduous trees.
Aug 2nd, 2019
An ovoid robot with jointed arms and legs smiling and holding up a book with the title "3rd CENTURY ROMAN OFFICERS OF TURKEY".