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Oct 21st, 2018
An enormous, egg-shaped robot with no arms and a happy, gormless expression on its face, wading from the sea onto a beach, sending a family of holidaymakers running in terror as it stomps into their camp, scattering a parasol and a bucket.
Oct 28th, 2018
A round robot with jointed arms and legs gingerly poking a patch of ground with a stick while, behind it, Bigbot looks on nervously.
Oct 28th, 2018
A robot shaped like a flattened spheroid, with ten legs and a pair of little arms ending in claws-cum-mittens. It has a little smiley face low on its carapace. It's on a stretch of beach and beside it looms Sandcastlebot while, in the background out to sea are Bobbot and Bigbot, both partially submerged.
Oct 31st, 2018
Bigbot wearing a little witch's hat and with purple and black stripy legs.
Dec 1st, 2018
Bigbot sitting on the ground, laughing uproariously as Knickers, the big cow, licks its side.
Dec 11th, 2018
Bigbot, dressed in a Santa hat, with a big false beard on and a large sack labelled 'TOYS' next to it, stands beside a snow-covered roof looking forlornly at its chimney.
Dec 17th, 2018
All the Nativitybots together. Marybot and Josephbot are in the middle, tenderly cradling Babyjesusbot who's now wrapped in swaddling clothes. The Shepherdbots and their Sheepbots observe from one side near Donkeybot, while the three Magibots approach reverently with their gifts. Above, Gabrielbot and Starbot smile down at the scene and a crowned and bearded Bigbot peers through the clouds.
Jan 2nd, 2019
A low, rounded robot on four wheels occupies the foreground. It trails a ball of yarn and wears a little Santa hat. It has an enormous mouth with a big tongue sticking out and a woolly jumper is landing on the floor, evidently just produced within the robot. Surrounding it are other robots - Unicornbot, Spiderbot, Dancebot and Bigbot, all wearing Christmas jumpers. Bigbot's empty sleeves hang limply and it looks sad.
Jan 8th, 2019
a picture of the top of BigBot's head, looking slightly perplexed with the text "the very big robot", "an illustrated story by Thomas Heasman-Hunt" on
Feb 3rd, 2019
The classic Bigbot coming ashore on a beach image but with 'Chaotic Big' written at the top
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