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Oct 27th, 2018
A spherical robot with a little antenna, happily floating in some water.
Oct 28th, 2018
A robot shaped like a flattened spheroid, with ten legs and a pair of little arms ending in claws-cum-mittens. It has a little smiley face low on its carapace. It's on a stretch of beach and beside it looms Sandcastlebot while, in the background out to sea are Bobbot and Bigbot, both partially submerged.
Oct 28th, 2018
A robot in the form of a large, rectangular container filled with water. It has four stubby, banded legs on its underside and two ladders on opposite sides allowing access to the pool. Adults and children - and Bobbot - are playing in the pool. A baby is floating in the Swimbots rubber ring. A child wearing snorkel and flippers is running towards the near ladder on the ground and another holds up a beach ball.
Jan 2nd, 2019
An ovoid robot with hinged flippers on its sides and a banded horn on its head bursts through the surface of the sea, surprising three Bobbots, who reel backwards with expressions of shock, fear and dismay. For its part, Narwhalbot seems perfectly happy, sticking out its tounge.