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Oct 22nd, 2018
many, many small robots, shaped like cubes, spheres or pyramids, with little arms and legs waving in all directions. some are smiling, some laughing or shouting, a few angry and they're all leaping towards the frame, some very close indeed so only parts of them are visible.
Oct 28th, 2018
A round robot with banded arms and legs gestures to move along a column of Mischiefbots - smaller robots in the form of cubes, spheres or pyramids - that are grumbling and grimacing as they pass. A couple are shouting at Herdbot, one is making a rude face, one is throwing a tantrum, lying face-down and banging its hands and feet on the ground. Herdbot looks unimpressed with their antics.
Feb 2nd, 2019
Image is of 9 smallbots listed as representing the Dungeons and Dragons alignments
Jun 25th, 2019
A smiling, ovoid robot with jointed arms and legs counting off three groups of objects. One is spheres (grapes, a football, an onion, an orange and Mondaybot). The next is cylinders (a can, a tube of parabola-shaped chips with a mustachioed Bigbot logo, a tub, a drinks can, Teabot and Onionbot). The last is cuboids (a box of tea, a loaf of bread, another box, cereal and a taped-down Mischiefbot).