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Oct 18th, 2018
A steaming mug of tea with little tracks on the bottom and a smiling face on the front.
Oct 20th, 2018
A distressed thermometer sits in a shocked looking Teabot
Oct 21st, 2018
A large rectangular robot with three cylinders plumbed into it's back (labelled 'T', 'M' and 'S'), a little chimney/vent and an outlet which is pouring a lovely cuppa into Teabot
Oct 21st, 2018
A startled looking ball with spindly arms and helicopter rotor hovers with a speech bubble containing a picture of Teabot
Oct 21st, 2018
With a helicopter rotor to hover, it is dunking a biscuit carefully into some tea with one of its two arms. Its little face hhaa tiny tongue poking out in concentration
Oct 21st, 2018
A worried looking robot with gangly arms and legs reaches out to catch a VERY concerned looking Teabot that is flying through the air
Oct 25th, 2018
An ovoid robot with two thick, banded legs and a happy face near the top of its body - essentially the same design as Bigbot - standing next to, and dwarfed by, Teabot.
Oct 27th, 2018
A round robot wrapped in bandages like an Egyptian mummy, lurching forward with its arms raised menacingly. Behind it is a stone wall marked with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that also include images of Teabot, Notokaybot, Unicornbot and Spiderbot.
Oct 28th, 2018
An ovoid robot with two thick legs, standing between an excited, yapping puppy and Teabot, to demonstrate scale. The robot looks vaguely unhappy.
Oct 28th, 2018
A dome-shaped robot with banded arms and legs. It has a wide, open mouth and its eyes are closed, giving it a joyous expression. It's flinging its arms up and out, while holding a bored-looking Teabot in one hand.
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