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Oct 25th, 2018
A pink, ovoid robot with four legs. It has a horn on its forehead, striped in rainbow colours and an equine tail in the same scheme. It's leaning over a daisy growing from the ground and making a confused face as it sticks out a little red tongue towards it.
Oct 27th, 2018
A round robot wrapped in bandages like an Egyptian mummy, lurching forward with its arms raised menacingly. Behind it is a stone wall marked with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that also include images of Teabot, Notokaybot, Unicornbot and Spiderbot.
Jan 2nd, 2019
A low, rounded robot on four wheels occupies the foreground. It trails a ball of yarn and wears a little Santa hat. It has an enormous mouth with a big tongue sticking out and a woolly jumper is landing on the floor, evidently just produced within the robot. Surrounding it are other robots - Unicornbot, Spiderbot, Dancebot and Bigbot, all wearing Christmas jumpers. Bigbot's empty sleeves hang limply and it looks sad.

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