Hey, what’s in this box? Oh, it’s some litt…oh no! Oh there’s hundreds of them! They’re out of control! Someone help! Noooooo!

They’re in the petunias! They’re making a horrible mess by the birdbath!

They’re ruining Mrs. Deakin’s lovely spread! They’ve got scotch egg on the vicar’s wife!

Oh no, there’s quiche trodden into the marquee carpet! The punch bowl is wobbling perilously close to the prize certificates! Get out of there, you horrid robots!

They pushed the Mayor in the duck pond! The Mayor!

They trod little footprints all over Mr. MacTavish’s prize marrow! They upset the verger! They spilled ginger beer on the sausage rolls!

Oh no! We thought they’d gone but then they came back and they’ve been jumping in puddles and now they have muddy feet and they’re clambering all over the nice gingham table cloths!

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